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Model Name: Citation Encore Plus

Manufacturer: Cessna
Standard seating capacity: 8
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Air Performance
Max Cruise Speed 793.00 km/h
Average Range 3297.00 km
Service Ceiling 13716.00 m
Airport Performance
Takeoff distance 1073.00 m
Landing distance 844.00 m
Rate of Climb 1408.0
Max Payload 1039.00 kg
Ramp Weight 7725.00 kg
Max Takeoff Weight 7634.00 kg
Max Landing Weight 6895.00 kg
Zero Fuel Weight 5829.00 kg
Useable Fuel Capacity 2449.00 kg
Useful Load 2935.00 kg
Height 4.62 m
Lenght 14.91 m
Wingspan 16.69 m
Height 1.45 m
Width 1.47 m
Lenght 5.28 m
Baggage Capacity 2.00 cu. m
Engine Manufacturer Pratt & Whitney
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