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Improper Maintenance

Improper Maintenance performed on air-cooler and fuel-cooled oil coolers

Information received during a FAA suspected unapproved parts investigation revealed that Southwest Cooler Service, Inc. located at 3939 Platinum Way, Dallas, TX 75237, improperly maintained and approved for return to service oil coolers applicable to various types of aircraft. Southwest holds Air Agency Certificate No. TB3R861L with Accessory Class 1 (Mechanical Accessories) and Accessory Class 2 (Electric Accessories and Limited Specialized Service) ratings. The FAA has not been able to determine the number of affected parts or the exact time span the improper maintenance occurred. Discrepancies noted in Southwest.s practices included, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Approving for return to service oil coolers described as having been overhauled when, in fact, the coolers had not been disassembled, cleaned, inspected, repaired as necessary, and reassembled using methods, techniques, and practices acceptable to the Administrator.

  • Performing modifications and repairs without using data approved by the Administrator.

  • Approving for return to service air- and fuel-cooled oil coolers that had not been maintained in accordance with the current manufacturer.s maintenance manual or methods otherwise acceptable to the Administrator.

  • Approving for return to service oil coolers that were not repaired in accordance with the current manufacturer.s maintenance manual.

  • Using a contract maintenance provider, which was not identified in the repair station maintenance manual, for welding activities.

  • Allowing unqualified personnel to perform nondestructive inspection, alodine application, and welding.

Regulations require that type-certificated products conform to their type design. Aircraft owners, operators, manufacturers, maintenance organizations, and parts suppliers and distributors should inspect their aircraft, maintenance records, and/or parts inventories for oil coolers approved for return to service by Southwest. If any are found in existing stock, it is recommended that the products or parts be quarantined to prevent installation until a determination can be made regarding each product or part.s eligibility for installation. FREE Quote Request offers a FREE Quote Request system that communicates with the main air charter planes companies so users can check many options with only one request.

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