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Air Broker Net Ratings


Air Broker Net is a well established company with many years experience in dealing with worldwide private charter operators. ABN acts as an exclusive private aircraft booking service aiming to meet today.s demanding business environment.

Why Choose Air Broker Net?

ABN works with a generous global network of certified private plane operators. The company is known to possess the necessary experience and resources in order to negotiate the best rates, along with the finest and safest aircrafts, at the most convenient airport locations to suit one.s schedule requirements. With no fees, contracts or membership requests, ABN promises to provide the most competitive price rates and especially with its special block discount program, the more flight hours you pre-purchase the less you will have to pay. Overall, ABN offers a fractional aircraft ownership without the rest of the associated costs as well as strictly working towards customers. best interests, building personal relationships and learning to anticipate future requirements.

Why NOT to choose Air Broker Net?

ABN claims to provide the most exclusive private aircraft rates; however, their jet charter block rates only apply to customers who purchase a total of 25 hours of flight time or more, therefore infrequent flyers will not have access to these discounted rates. Furthermore, some serious flyers may find it difficult to predict their future flight requirements in advance, and being locked into a fixed pre-purchase program schedule may not be suitable for those that need more flexibility with their travel arrangements. FREE Quote Request offers a FREE Quote Request system that communicates with the main air charter planes companies so users can check many options with only one request.

Private plane rental is an expensive solution so it's wise to consider as many charter plane prices as possible, and also which aircraft and services each company has to offer for a particular trip. offers a broker service that consults all major charter planes & air charter companies. does not own charter planes nor offers air charter services directly.