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Sentient Jet Ratings


Sentient Jet is a world class leader in providing private jet solutions for over ten years. The company deals with a network of top certified operators that match its rigorous 9 Point Safety Program.

Why Choose Sentient Jet?

Sentient Jet is committed in maintaining high levels of customer service and seeks to satisfy all complexities of travel itineraries with its expertise in its Charter Service solutions. Claiming to offer better private jet solutions than any other charter company, Sentient Jet is also well known for its continuous improvements in its innovative safety scheme. The company aims to provide competitive rates and proudly insists customers are free from risk of depreciating aircraft quality on its fractional ownership programs. The company offers two main travel-card plans, the Membership and Membership plus programs. The Sentient Membership Plus program offers similar benefits as the standard Membership program, such as guaranteed availability with as little as 10 hours notice, fixed hourly rates as well as choosing from four categories of aircraft size. Though, the Membership Plus does offer additional advantages, such as being able to choose from three of the most popular aircrafts in the industry as well as receiving rates lower than any other fractional ownership, or further discounted hourly rates from booking by jet size category.

Why NOT to choose Sentient Jet?

Whilst the Membership Plus program may seem very appealing, there are a few drawbacks that may not impress some customers. Firstly, the Membership Plus program has an expiry date, which means any funds that are not used within two years will be lost as there are no refundable deposits. Therefore, this type of program will not suit an individual that will not travel extensively in the space of two years. Also, it has been brought to our attention that the .three most popular private jets on the market. that are offered on the Membership Plus program have questionable quality reports, and Sentient Jet has been criticised for making customers pay premium prices for the use of these types of aircrafts. FREE Quote Request offers a FREE Quote Request system that communicates with the main air charter planes companies so users can check many options with only one request.

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