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Air Delta Elite Ratings


Delta Air Elite is a charter jet operator which is owned by the major flight corporation, Delta Air Lines. This reputable company manages, owns, leases as well as operates private jet aircrafts.

Why Choose Air Delta Elite?

Delta Air Elite has been operating for more than 20 years and therefore has the necessary experience to support individuals in chartering private jets. The company offers management services for those that possess their own aircraft and this enables owners to utilise their aircraft in the most efficient way possible. When owners do not need the use of their aircraft they can pass it on to Delta Air Elite to manage and operate, and make it available for other individuals to charter. In addition to maintaining the highest standards of aviation safety and offering valuable Charter Management services, Delta Air Elite also provide beneficial Turnkey management programs which help individuals save costs in operations such as insurance, fuel and crew. Furthermore, the company offers a fleet jet card program that allows members to pay a one off fee for a fixed amount of guaranteed flight hours. Members are only debited for their used air time; hours which are not utilised are fully refunded with no worries of expiring.

Why NOT to choose Air Delta Elite?

Delta Air Elite has been criticised for their fleet membership program, as it is mainly beneficial for travellers who do not exceed a certain amount of hours per year, and those who only require the use of one type of aircraft, therefore not allowing much room for flexibility. One does not get the same advantages of fractional ownership, where an individual would gain savings in costs from asset depreciation and discounted hourly rates. Also, some users of Delta Air Elite have even complained about delayed call out times. FREE Quote Request offers a FREE Quote Request system that communicates with the main air charter planes companies so users can check many options with only one request.

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