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RentJets Ratings


RentJets is a global charter service provider for private jets and through their partner company, Avtech Aviation and Engineering, also play a part in Aircraft ownership and Asset management.

Why Choose RentJets?

The company was founded by Paul Crowther, a pilot and aircraft owner, with over 20 years of experience in the aviation industry. RentJets boasts its ability to satisfy each individual.s requirements because of its highly experienced team and its abundance of resources. With access to over 1,000 aircraft operators, 25,000 private aircrafts, plus a guarantee of the lowest price on the market you cannot really go wrong. The company states that if another operator quotes a cheaper price they promise to repay the difference. RentJets offers block hour contracts and membership programs that will aid the customer in saving money. Also, the company is proud of owning its very own private aircraft, the King Air E90, available for short or long term lease.

Why NOT to choose RentJets?

The company states that all their aircrafts comply with strict safety regulations. However, in the past RentJets has been accused of operating their own aircrafts without an AOC (Air Operating Certificate) and that the jets they owned were registered with a different company, which was a little fishy. RentJets may be operating all above board now, but this bad press does not do any favours for its reputation. One may be forced to think twice now about trusting their safety in one of the company's aircrafts. FREE Quote Request offers a FREE Quote Request system that communicates with the main air charter planes companies so users can check many options with only one request.

Private plane rental is an expensive solution so it's wise to consider as many charter plane prices as possible, and also which aircraft and services each company has to offer for a particular trip. offers a broker service that consults all major charter planes & air charter companies. does not own charter planes nor offers air charter services directly.